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Spoon on KUT Live

Spoon performs in Studio 6A | Courtesy of Julia Robinson

NOTE: Twice a year KUT holds a special event for station members, KUT Live. It is recorded live in front of a studio audience in the Austin City Limits studios. I mix the recording and hand it off to the Texas Music Matters team to get package into a nice broadcast. This edition of KUT Live features Spoon.

Days after releasing their latest album, Transference, Spoon hit the stage for a 80 minute set with what lead singer Britt Daniel would call the best audience in the Austin City Limit’s studio ever. Special thanks to Sharon Cullen for recording and Jeff Byrd with Spoon. Listen here.

“Written in Reverse”, “The Mystery Zone” and “I Summon You” form this session will also be featured on the February 26th episode of NPR’s World Cafe. Listen here.

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