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Alejandro Escovedo on Eklektikos Live

Courtesy of Patrick Dentler

Courtesy of Patrick Dentler

NOTE: Twice a year KUT holds a special event for station members, Eklektikos Live. It is recorded live in front of a studio audience in the Austin City Limits studios, special thanks to Sharon Cullen. I mix the recording and hand it off to the Texas Music Matters team to get package into a nice 59 minute broadcast. This edition of Eklektikos Live features Alejandro Escovedo.

I was really excited to mix this but it was bitter sweet as I wasn’t able to attend the actual taping. Lucky for me we have a enourmously talented photographer, Patrick Dentler. You can see his work here too. I used his pics to place the instrumentation in the stereo field to minimize any phase issues. This is the third Eklektikos Live I have had the oppurtunity to mix and am very proud of it. Alejandro’s story about playing with Bruce Springstein in Houston is pretty good also. Listen here.

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